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Daniel Ethan Newell
PORTLAND, Ore. - A 33-year-old man lost his life this Memorial Day after his motorcycle careened off a ramp, smashed into pieces on the Morrison Bridge and sent him flying to a concrete staircase below.

The violent crash happened late Monday afternoon and the scene spanned four levels - an off-ramp that curves above the Morrison Bridge, the bridge itself, a concrete staircase leading to the ground and a grassy area where debris ended up.

So far, crash investigators have determined that the motorcyclist, identified as 33-year-old Daniel Newell, was riding his motorcycle along an I-5 off-ramp above the Morrison Bridge when he failed to negotiate a curve and went flying over the jersey barrier.

The motorcycle landed on the bridge below and Newell was thrown to a concrete staircase that descends from the bridge to the ground.

"We heard the sound of a crash and saw debris falling from the top freeway ramp and then all of it came down," Bart Cole, a witness, told KATU News.

According to police, Newell was wearing full riding gear, including a helmet and armored protective clothing. He was riding a Suzuki motorcycle.

Dec 14th, 1973   -   May 28th, 2007
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